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Hardware Guarantee


Unfortunately not. But all of our exhibition equipment has been manufactured to a very high standard and if respectfully treated will last for years. We are confident that equipment will perform as expected throughout its natural life but for peace of mind we offer the following guarantees against manufacturing defects and component failure.

Illuminated, Budget and outdoor portable stands carry a one year guarantee

Unless otherwise stated mid range products carry a five year guarantee

Our Premium display range carries a lifetime guarantee unless otherwise stated

Graphics, banners and posters

Guarantees are given in respect of hardware only i.e. the stands themselves, and not the graphic displayed thereon.

We are proud of the graphics we create and are confident that we use media of the finest standards. Banners and graphic panels are checked rigorously before they leave our premises but in the unlikely event that they are not up to our usual high standard when they arrive with you please call and discuss the matter with us immediately.

Please bear in mind that graphic panels will damage if not handled with care or packaged away appropriately when not in use. It is recommended that you ensure that those responsible for handling graphics are familiar with the specification sheets relating to the product being used.

Roller banner graphics are particularly susceptible to damage if not guided back into the roller mechanism slowly, don't let go until the last part of the banner has disappeared. Never take the pole out of the top and leave the graphic to snap back into the base - it will damage.

It goes without saying that sharp objects will cut through the media.

Indoor banner stands shouldn't be used outdoors. Outdoor stands are designed to withstand moderate winds and are waterproof. The indoor stands aren't.

Don't forget that large panels - as on Pop Up Display Stands - can be a little unwieldy unless handled as recommended.

Scope of guarantees

These guarantees shall not apply to any product altered or serviced by anyone other than a Capitol Image or its representative.

Capitol Image does not guarantee any product or service other than that which is provided by Capitol Image directly. This would include but is not limited to any damage to product and or personal property caused by repairs or graphic installation by the end user.

This Guarantee shall not apply to any products that must be replaced because of normal wear that have been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, that have been altered by someone other than Capitol Image or through failure to follow the instructions from Capitol Image.